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TABLET HMDFR SCL CTRLR 8G     Essick Air 1970CN Bacteria Treatment Essick Air 1040 Replacement Wick Filter
Odorless, controls lime scale buildup and keeps water fresh and clean. Lime deposits remain soft and are easily removed. Germicidal agents control bacterial growth keeping unit fresh. For portable units and furnace type units. Bacteria treatment - EPA registered. Helps control bacteria and algae buildup and keeps water smelling clean. Trapmax filter technology. Antimicrobial protection. Highest capacity output.Fits 300, 500, 700 DP3, D46 and B23 Series.
Essick Air Products 1043 Humidifier Filter Essick Air 1041 Replacement Wick Filter Essick Air 1045 Replacement Wick Filter
Fits Models: Bemis and Essick Air Humidifiers: 821-000, 821-001, 826-600, 826-800, 826-900, 8266, 8268 and all other 800 series. Essick Air Pedestal Humidifiers: EP9-500, EP9-700, EP9-800, EP9R-500, EP9R-800. Replacement Console wick. Fits 4DTS-series, 447 400HB, 696-series and ED11 series. Replacement Console wick. Fits H12 series.
FRESHENER PINE HMDFR 500ML    CLNR DE-SCALER HMDFR 500ML    Essick Air 7D6 100 Tabletop Humidifier
For furnace and portable. Keeps your humidifier clean and fresh. Sanitizer designed to eliminate and control bad odors which form in the humidifier. Add daily to the water to keep the humidifier clean and fresh. 7.25 - 7.75 pH. For furnace and portable. Controls scale, rust, and scum deposits. Effective in hard, soft, cold, or hot water. Since humidifiers and vaporizers have direct contact with water, they tend to accumulate lime and scale on hard surfaces. Designed to clean and control scale, rust. <1 Ph Range. 4 speed motor. Humidifies 1000 square feet. Digital hygrometer, one water bottle and automatic humidistat. 3 gallons per day output. Use replacement wick 1040 (SKU 111.9650).
Essick Air 5D6 700 Console Humidifier Essick Air D46 720 Tower Humidifier Essick Air H12 300HB Console Humidifier
4 speed motor. Humidifies 1100 square feet. Digital hygrometer, easy pour-in fill method, and dual wicks. Optional AIRCARE filter. 5 gallons per day output. Automatic humidistat. Wick used 1040, (SKU 111.9650), air filter 1050 optional. 4 speed motor. Humidifies 2000 square feet. Digital hygrometer and humidistat. 6 gallons per day output. Auto shut-off, refill lights. Easy fill dual water tanks. Use replacement wick 1040, (SKU 111.9650). 4 speed motor. Humidifies 3700 square feet. Single water bottle, auto shut-off, and refill light. 12 gallons per day output. Wick used 1045, (SKU 160.4974), optional 1051 air filter (SKU 681.5153).
High end performance with a classy, contemporary style. Capable of producing an impressive 13 gallons of daily output and covers a tight construction area up to 3,000+ Sq. ft. (tight.) / 2700 Sq. ft. (avg.) Features 9 fan settings for precise output and noise control, a digital touch screen control for easy humidity level reading and adjustment, and casters for easy mobility. Up to 5.5 gallon tank capacity.